The Society of the Eucharist Fellowship is an emerging non-denominational Evangelical ecumenical community of lay ministers living the Gospel of Christ. We are a Religious Order of bi-vocational lay ministers & clergy under vows. God has called some ordained ministers to Work outside church walls and within the community. We are here to help embrace this calling and form the "Community Minister" for the Kingdom of Christ. Our personal vocation is that of outpouring a Gospel-Based love in the general public.   

The decline of participants in the Christian faith requires innovative solutions, and the Society of the Eucharist seeks to evangelize and bring people back into the Spirit/Heart of Christ. Furthermore, the current Christian world is breaking down old denominational barriers and human constructs once being a source of division among Christians. We have become an interdenominational fusion of the Christian bodies. Our discipleship is based in hard work with our obligations, unrelenting compassion, and constant prudent love of others; and a complete submission to Christ for the Salvation of man.   

At the core of our vocation is the simple growth into Christian adulthood; embracing a greater obligation to the community around us. The far majority of us believe lay minister status to be our proper role as it allows us to pursue the most meaningful life possible that is balanced between ministry and common family obligations. The Fellowship primarily focuses on the pastoral friendship in the general public by Living the Gospel in ordinary life. The Community Minister is a ministry of helping people find and pursue positive goals that provide new direction in life. With a focus on Christ, education, work, and family relationships, all are formed into Christ with a desire to serve the greater community in a way that institutes the Gospel's message of Grace. 

 Focused on the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area.  

The Society of the Eucharist Foundation, established 2014, has a board of directors who help govern our Fellowship. We are a registered 501c3 organization.

The Fellowship, established as a Religious Order in April 2018, is the primary purpose of our organization.​​

Our organization was originally developed for the purpose of assisting Christian clergy in their personal life issues with pastoral friendship. We still do this ministry work and if you are a clergy person in need of pastoral friendship, please contact us. We are an independent confidential program with a spiritual director.  As a pastoral friend, we want to help you renew your heart in Christ and work through any impairments to your vocational Call. 

The Foundation has gone on to do many charitable activities and transform into a general Christian organization championing the Gospel of Christ. 

Message from the Senior Elder Fr. Phillip Andrews

Welcome brothers and sisters in Christ, The Society of the Eucharist is a response to the changing times among Christian people. We have formed primarily as an Alternative Christian community fused together for a common purpose: Evangelization. Declining participation in Christian Churches has propelled us out into the community to champion the Gospel. However, we must acknowledge our faults and some major trends causing this decline: 

- A dominate secular culture 

- Institutional Abuse across all Christian Churches

- Preaching Social Justice has replaced preaching the Gospel

- Many ministers are bending the church to conform to culture

- Many ministers are diminishing doctrine surrounding the Divinity of Jesus Christ as the Messiah 

This is the battle that we have embraced and our response as ministers of the Gospel is to bring Christ's Truth back to Life among average people. The method of doing so is laid out among the other pages. Our Religious Order has only just begun and our current membership small but it is zealous. We welcome you to contact us for membership or other considered services. 



P.O. Box 17176

​Sugar Land, TX 77496

Society of the Eucharist Fellowship

Fr. Phillip Andrews, Senior Elder & Executive Director,

Non-denominational Minister & Community Pastor

With 25 years in ministry, including 9 years in seminary formation, Phillip Andrews was formed by the best servants of Jesus Christ leading to this current position and time. An adopted son of a Roman Catholic Priest, Phillip's 25 plus years in ministry has been with the Anglican, Catholic, and Evangelical Communities. Phillip's secular work and ministry is the development of a construction company to create great paying jobs that value the human dignity of workers. Within this environment Phillip is a father figure to many and is able to share the Gospel in both example and word. Phillip and his wife Diana live in Sugar Land. Though Phillip has a deeply Catholic history that weighs heavy in his heart, Phillip's passion for the evangelizing propels him outside normal church walls as a Community Minister. Rev. Phillip has come to appreciate and love all Christian Churches for the Gospel benefit they carry in service to the Lord Jesus Christ.   

Elevated to Senior Elder, April 2018

Religious Vows taken April 2018

Congregational Ordination to Pastor, October 2015

Ordination to Transitional Deaconate in Apostolic Succession, December 2014

14 years in university study

Master of Science in Accounting, 2009

​University of St. Thomas, Houston

B.A. in Liberal Arts: Political Science, Catholic Philosophy, and Theology 2004

University of St. Thomas, Houston

Further graduate studies in theology and scripture from St. Mary's seminary, Houston.