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The Society of the Eucharist Fellowship is an emerging ecumenical Christian organization of men and women lay ministers living the Gospel of Christ. We are a Religious Order of bi-vocational ministers under vows. God has called some ordained ministers to Work outside church walls and within the community. We are here to help embrace this calling and form the "Community Minister" for the Kingdom of Christ. Our personal vocation is that of outpouring a Fatherly and Motherly love in the general public based in the Gospel.   

The decline of participants in the Christian faith requires innovative solutions and the Society of the Eucharist seeks to evangelize and bring people into the Spirit of Christ. Furthermore, the current Christian world is breaking down old denominational barriers and human constructs once being a source of division among Christians. We have become an interdenominational fusion of both the Liturgical and Evangelical Christian bodies. Our discipleship is based in hard work with our obligations, unrelenting compassion, and constant prudent love of others. 

At the core of our vocation is the simple growth into adulthood. Though the Society encourages members to pursue ordination as a pastor, the far majority of us will stay in lay minister status. Lay minister status is the proper role for most of us as it allows us to pursue the most meaningful life possible. The Fellowship primarily focuses on the pastoral mentorship in the general public by Living the Gospel in ordinary life. The Community Minister is a ministry of helping people find and pursue positive goals that provide new direction in life. With a focus on Christ, education, work, and family relationships, we are formed into Christ with a desire to serve the greater community in a way that institutes the Gospel's message of Grace. 

​​Vows taken for life in the Society of the Eucharist Fellowship
Obedience to ordained life in Christ and living the Gospel.
Obedience to your superiors in the Society of the Eucharist Fellowship.  
Loyalty to the Society of the Eucharist Fellowship, doing nothing to dishonor it. 

​Headquartered in Sugar Land, Texas. Focused on the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area. 



P.O. Box 17176
Sugar Land, TX 77496

Society of the Eucharist Foundation & Fellowship